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    You should use www because today you have a small web site, and tomorrow you want a big web site. Really big.

    But what if I don’t want my personal web site to be a really big web site?

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        I use Cloudflare on things that get 10 views a day for a simple reason: Cloudflare nameservers are free to use and the DNS zones setup is easy there. It’s not the case of some registrars (particularly some obscure nic.TLD).

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          That’s why I’m using them. My registrar’s servers got DDoSed, so I switched to Cloudflare. Thus far they have saved me a few hundred kilobytes of bandwidth and provided SSL on top of a bunch of sites that no certificate authority has ever verified. I’m far too lazy to switch back, but the benefits I get are underwhelming.

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        This is clearly targeted at companies and it’s a point I’ve tried to make several times with many people and failed.

        “DNSimple has ALIAS”, they say. They don’t care that it’s non-standard and locks you in. They cared for a little bit a while back when DNSimple was down due to a DDoS, but they’ve now moved on. Oh well.