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    It’s a shame it still can’t be placed in Fdroid :(

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        AFAIK WhisperSystems explicitly said Signal is allowed only in Google Play Store.

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      can someone clarify what exactly this implies? previously, one could compile Signal without GCM support but phone calls wouldn’t work, and there would be battery issues as well.. are those issues fixed?

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        Previously nothing would work in standard Signal without GCM, it required patches to get messaging working and even with the patches voice wouldn’t work. Standard Signal should now work without GCM and voice works too (via the new WebRTC code). Battery life will be worse as it can’t use a shared GCM connection for the push notifications, but how much worse depends.

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          I use Copperhead OS. There is a port of signal called Noise. It works without play services and is available on F-Droid. Its packaged and maintained by Copperhead.

          Can’t promise it will work for you, but here is the link: Noise (Signal-compatible encrypted messaging app) - https://f-droid.org/app/co.copperhead.noise

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          This is a step forward but it looks like Signal still requires the Google Play Store, so it won’t be part of a Google-free LineageOS/F-Droid system. And it’s unfortunate that Signal has taken the walled-garden approach, rather than allowing federation or third party apps: https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal/

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            Signal allowed federation (past-tense). It was a mess and they stopped doing it. And was with just one other server that they had a small amount of control over.

            The server software still supports it. I was going to say it’s surprising that the people who care about this haven’t set up their own network of federation-enabled Signal severs but, it’s really not surprising at all.