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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Teaching myself the ECS pattern for game development. Fell down the OOP hole with my previous attempt, and built something that eventually became difficult to maintain, since all logic lived in a hierarchy. Hopefully I’ll learn some things to remove the friction of development, and let me focus more on gameplay.

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        I could not figure out how to program a game until I learned about ECS.

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      I’m going through Writing an Interpreter In Go (https://interpreterbook.com/). I’m looking forward to learning how the author thinks and structures an Interpreter. Eventually, I’ll get to his next book: Writing a Compiler.

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        I’m 3/4 through and I’ve really really enjoyed it so far.

        One thing I found useful albeit tedious at first was typing out every file as I read it. I really wanted to internalize as best I could the content. Then as new concepts were introduced I tried to implement them before reading the next code snippet shown in the chapter.

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          Then as new concepts were introduced I tried to implement them before reading the next code snippet shown in the chapter.

          Great idea!

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      I’m currently working my way through http://craftinginterpreters.com/ and really enjoying it. I’ve previously tried implementing an interpreter in a very slap-dash fashion, so having a more structured approach to it feels much nicer to me.

      Also I recently moved my desktop machine from Windows to Linux, using https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/PCI_passthrough_via_OVMF to run Windows in a VM with near-native performance for gaming. I’ll be working to improve boot times and get the host OS into a more usable state.

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      Learning Gregg shorthand and writing more for my book.

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      • Drinking – not as much, tapering down now due the line below this
      • Going through boxing training again and excercising every day
      • Mentally and physically preparing myself for schooling
      • Struggling my way through the hell known as Python

      Edit: Installing a distro on my PC. I just destroyed my setup on accident by deleting a bunch of root dirs. I already know… the moment I close anything out or reboot, this setup is toast.

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        What’s the current struggle with python?

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          Everything. I dislike it completely at a fundamental level.

          I hate the syntax, I hate the forced style for the syntax, I hate it’s tooling, I hate it’s ecosystem, I hate it’s errors that can get to be quite ridiculous (such as missing or adding an extra line which stops the whole script).

          The only reason I’m able to struggle through it is because I want to give it one more honest chance and write down all of my feelings about it.

          Every once in a while, I come across a nice feature that surprises me.

          But that’s it. It’s an honestly irredeemable language for me.

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            Interesting! There are certainly aspects of python I dislike, but I mostly enjoy it.

            What languages do you prefer?

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              Rust, BASH, PHP, Lua, Racket, and C++, in no particular order.

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                You know, I haven’t spent much time with Lua and it has its own issues (cough global variables cough), but it is a really lovely little language. I like that it feels much simpler than python. If I were better with it I might not feel the need for python.

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                  About the only positive thing I might say about Python (as someone who agrees with Phate6660 about Python, and loves using Lua), it does come with batteries, unlike Lua which comes with a very minimal library. For what I use Lua for, that’s not an issue, but it is one of the main criticisms of Lua.

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                    That’s actually a strike against python when trying to use it in the kind of environment blur is meant for (embedding in another program)

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        I saw this earlier this week, maybe on Twitter? How did you come to find this and what do you think?

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          I always liked the author (from his past column on The Guardian). I’ve already finished the book, and I like it a lot. Not much I didn’t know there, but the way he writes makes it a fun read.

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      Mostly reading The Cuckoo’s Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage by Cliff Stoll

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      Trying again to read through Implementing lazy functional languages on stock hardware: the Spineless Tagless G-machine and then implement a toy version. I struggle a bit because I don’t have the full educational background. Hoping once I can get there to write an ELI5 tutorial.

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        it’s been a few years now, but i tried something very similar for STG’s predecessor. very cool that you’re doing this. id love to see the end result to learn more about it

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          Thanks for the reference code! I really struggle with all of the shorthand in the papers SPJ wrote. Most of the code I read is similar, so the more I can get my hands on the easier it is for me to reason about.

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      I’m playing around with a procedurally generated choose your own adventure game by reusing components from various generators I’ve built. No idea how well the components will actually map over. But even if I end up dropping the game (likely), it’s interesting to look at the procedural narrative space from a different viewpoint.

      Also I’m vaguely putting out feelers for a new job, so that will likely end up taking more headspace than I expect.

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      A few years ago I made a rough first pass at a website to teach and play Hex, during a time when HexWiki was offline. I never really got it to a usable state, but recently a friend expressed interest in playing Hex-by-mail with me, which inspired me to return to it and get the server working.

      I haven’t written any OCaml since I left my job last year, so I’m looking forward to stretching out those muscles. If you ignore the cert error, you can see the very rough state of it here. Clearly the first thing to do is to get Let’s Encrypt set up. :)

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      Eventually learning how to do my first install of GNU Guix.

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      • Sorting the garden out; my second green bin finally turned up so I have many litres of bin space to fill with as much garden as I can manage
      • 3d modelling & printing. Moved my home lab round onto shelves from the Lack Rack it has been on and need some spacers to keep the switch in place. Also want a charger next to my bed for my watch & phone, I have the chargers but want a holder for them.
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        Accidentally bought a third car on Friday evening; so now Sunday will be collecting that and checking it over. 😁

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      No concrete plan this weekend, I might noodle on https://littlefish.fish some or go through my notes and do some “project shopping”.

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      Upgrading most of the house infrastructure to Debian Bullseye. Three boxes already had it; now that it’s official, it’s time for the rest.

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      Continuing reading (= making exercises) through the chapters of Software Foundations, Logical Foundations (the first book in series). I’m on Inductively Defined Propositions chapter now. This is so much fun really.

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        Nice, I just finished going through LF recently as well and found it very rewarding. There’s even a jscoq version of the SF books so you can coq on the go :)

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      • Trying to find a 2nd dose in London (browsing r/getjabbed and resisting temptation to waste time on writing some script to look for mentions of places close to me)
      • Recovering from one exam, and preparing mentally for the next one (Galois theory, it’s fun, but I’m so burned out)
      • Meditating, and generally taking time to cope with the complexity of getting from where I am to where I want to be (if that makes any sense hehe)
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      Running a 220v circuit into my garage for a welder, and hopefully having some time left over to practice with said welder.

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      Über Workbench demands tributes so I guess I’ll be working on that. And/or putting up another shade sail.

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      Fingers crossed bringing up a new water bath chiller/heater, for science.

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      Sleeping a lot. Inviting friends over for breakfast. Having a drink. And the gaps in between are filled with work I didn’t manage to do in the week. I also struggle with installing a new Linux distribution to the “family” laptop. None of the live media is booting up 🤷‍♂️