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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Maybe working a bit on a compiler for a language inspired by Rust and AST which compiles to C in the pauses between getting drunk and playing VR with friends. For now I just want to have like an alternative syntax for C, later I’ll implement a type system. The goal is to have some kind of playground to try out some type system ideas which I find interesting and maybe get a nice low-level language in the progress.

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      (That’s s/AST/ATS/ and s/progress/process/)

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      Trying to create a wind rose for a town I’m interested in moving to, because some of my family are concerned that it will be super windy and that it will “drive you mad”. So I have got hold of the raw weather station data from NIWA (NZ weather data org) and I’m going to try and compare it to where I currently live.

      My personal theory is that it matters less how windy it is overall, and more how many days the wind is strong enough to make being outside less/no fun. So I’ll try to figure that out, too.

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        Setting up an automated release pipeline for the Z3 SMT solver; includes stuff like assembly signing, nuget packaging, uploading release, etc. I usually find this sort of infrastructure work pretty boring but don’t mind doing it to help out with neat research projects; frees up the researchers to focus on more important things!

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          Always nice and inspiring to hear of someone voluntarily doing something kind of less glamorous but valuable for free software projects.

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          I got a Nintendo Switch Lite as a Christmas surprise, so a lot of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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            Reading How To by Randall Munroe of XKCD, Christmas gift.

            Not much else, it’s holidays after all.

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              Are you liking it so far? I got my younger brother What If? last Christmas and he seemed to enjoy it, so maybe this is one I could consider for his birthday.

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                I’m loving it so far, it is hilarious. It tickles one of my favourite types of humour.

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              Working on an essential, non engineering part of a project. And working hard to resist the temptation to implement good to have features instead.

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                • Working on a “year in review” blog post; thinking about goals/themes for next year
                • Finishing reading Super Pumped
                • Probably some holiday baking. I need to use up a bunch of ingredients, and it’s fun to make goodies to give away :)
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                  • Doing some ricing on my system by hacking SeaBIOS a little to look cool. Can display a PNG so far, but I want to change the way it looks further and take out some timeouts.
                  • Trying to unlock the bootloader of a Xiaomi Redmi Y3 I bought in India recently to flash it with something else. Seems to only work with a proprietary Windows-Only tool provided by Xiaomi.
                  • Maybe implement/do some fuzzing on some code of mine to see how bad it really is.
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                    Spending most of today traveling. Tomorrow I’m going to play some Star Wars and hang out with my dog

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                      Traveling back home, probably petting cats a lot, maybe finishing Moby Dick. Dear Eris that man had a lot to say about whales.

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                        Reading database internals @ petrov

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                          I’m learning Catlab.jl a Julia library for category theory. I also am working on some practical things in Nim.

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                            Going through a linear algebra book as a refresher

                            Finish setting up a note taking workflow across my iPad/phone/laptop with WorkingCopy & OrgMode

                            Catch up a few papers I’m reading in the federated learning space

                            Figure out what projects I want to work on for 2020 :)

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                              Creating a public journal using rib (Haskell static site generator) for PCE practice.

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                                I’m playing Fortnite between bouts of writing a couple blog posts.

                                • Year in review
                                • Hopes for the next decade
                                • Why true decentralization will never happen

                                That last post is based on my experience working for such a company over the past year and a half. TL;DR by way of Sacha Baron Cohen: Freedom of Speech !== Freedom of Reach.

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                                  I got a 3d printer (Creality Ender 3 Pro) and I’m trying various things. Assembling it wasn’t that hard, there are plenty of youtube video’s available. I printed some stuff from thingiverse but my wife is experimenting with creating rings and earrings so it’s a kind of social activity.

                                  Other than that: going for a walk, enjoying my time off of work and playing with my kids.

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                                    Spending time with my pops and stepmom, who are visiting from Hawai’i; having a quiet birthday tomorrow; and cleaning. So. Much. Cleaning.

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                                      I’ve been doing digital spring cleaning:

                                      • making a real to do list that’s actionable, categoried and has a time aspect (important or you’ll just put it off until “some other day”)
                                      • clearing out files, archiving things I want to keep (including data backups that have been sitting in my downloads)
                                      • cleaning my room and making a list of stuff to discard that i don’t need or use

                                      but most importantly, i’m trying to actually capture processes for some of this stuff. If anything, the main thing I’ve come to realise this year is that I keep trying to look to technology for what I’m beginning to believe is just a process problem.

                                      Adding things to a to do list is easy but if you don’t have any process to capture, categorise and prioritise any of this, my dumb human brain isn’t going to give a shit about doing anything. If it’s split up into super small, actionable things, that should be a lot easier.

                                      Anyway, I realise none of this is new. GTD has been around forever and all sorts of other systems but a lot of it I’ve kinda just shrugged and figured was someone selling crap to fill a book with. Maybe yes, maybe no but I’d like to stop doing so much stuff that doesn’t matter like rewriting my side for the umpenth time in a new technology hahaha

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                                        Spring cleaning. Ran out of both desk and room floor space… Other than that, 3D printing some miniature manifolds.

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                                          Vacationing at a lovely inn in NH with my beautiful wife and our rescue dog not thinking about computers :) Off to the jacuzzi :)

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                                            So far this weekend I’ve been stuck at the border between Poland and Ukraine for 9 hours. The Polish authorities didn’t properly register my girlfriend’s visa in the system, so now it looks like she’s overstayed. They separated us into two buildings. We’ve been here 9 hours with no food, water, or sleep. They made us get off the train (no refund of course) and walk through the snow with all our luggage at midnight.

                                            We need to be at Boryspil airport in just under 24 hours, otherwise we miss our trip to Turkey for NYE that I’ve already spent thousands on. The guards said we can take a bus from here to just across the border, in some middle of nowhere town called Yahodyn. From there I’m hoping we can get to Kyiv. Who fucking knows at this point though.

                                            EDIT: Looks like we’re getting through the border now. After 11 hours.