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What do you lobsters think? Is anyone still (actively) using Perl at work/not work?


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    I use Perl 5 anytime I need to process text. Perl 6 is something I don’t have a use case for, too much hassle installing it and then the language just seems a lot more complex.

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      I use Perl regularly at work. I think it’s slowly being replaced with Python but there are a lot of experienced devs who used it all the time and still reach for it.

      I doubt anyone there will go to Perl 6 though. Any learning curve is too much.

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        Perl 5 is my default language for play (and some work).

        Perl 6 doesn’t interest me. I don’t see anything it does that cannot be done in Perl 5.

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          This document lists changes in Perl 6.d (Diwali) language from Perl 6.c (Christmas) version.

          wonder if perl6.e is due on easter

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            So they are renaming the thing? Too late. I don’t use perl5 anymore. I miss it sometimes, Mojolicious is really awesome, regexps were fun to use. But it’s a dead end. Perl has lost it’s momentum. Hope some more popular languages(js, rust) will steal some Raku features.