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    Conditional compilation looks super cool. I wonder how messy it gets as the number of supported targets increases. PureScript has had to have had the entire package-sets forked to support Purerl (Erlang). It seems they keep the JS FFI code to mirror its implementation in Erlang, but a lot of libraries might be easier to maintain with these conditionals.

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      It’s already a bit messy in the standard library, but I’m hoping that most libraries won’t need to use conditional compilation at all. There’s no plans for other targets and there’s only to be one package repository so that’ll help.

      If it becomes an issue we’ll revisit this before v1.

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      Are there plans for a first-class mix compiler? I see tooling commits that have been sitting at the top of the changelog for a while. I’d love to use gleam inside my elixir umbrella apps!

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        The gleam compile-package API is perfect for use by mix etc, and it has been out for some time! Mostly we need someone to make a mix plugin that uses it. I’m focusing on the Gleam tooling and I’m not an Elixir user at present so I won’t be doing it myself any time soon.