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    I don’t understand why many programmers want to use the terminal. The whole PHP community now seems to be infested with this legacy way of interacting with programs. I find it really cumbersome to work with.

    Is a GUI really that bad for the tasks performed in a terminal? Why?

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      You can easily automate a CLI-based interface.

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        I don’t all the specifics, but wp-admin interfaces exposed to the internet have been an absolute shitshow in the past. If you restrict admin powers to an alternative interface, that limits how badly things can do. Gating admin access through ssh seems like a good reduction in attack surface. Assuming this isn’t a just CLI to a still exposed web API.

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          It can work any mix of 3 ways AFAIK: run on the box with with the WP install (point it at a local file path), run via SSH (point it at a hostname/port/path combo) or run via HTTP (point it at a URL). So yeah, in addition to making it much easier to automate admin tasks you can lock off admin functions to be only accessible via SSH.

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          I prefer a terminal interface for things that I need to do often. I find it much easier to achieve muscle memory with typing (moving my fingers over a physical space) than pointing and clicking (moving my virtual finger over a virtual space). With muscle memory I don’t need to think about how to do a task - I can just do it.