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The RapidBlock Project is a grassroots initiative to make Fediverse domain blocking more effective through collective action.


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    Considering how much Royal we is used on that page I was expecting the team to be larger than… just one guy apparently.

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      Wasn’t this the one where everyone was up in arms because it was not affiliated with the original project leaders of the block lists this was based on?

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        I don’t care if people want to get together and navelgaze their naughty lists, and have nothing against balkanisation of “the fediverse”, but I sure do wish it was explicit. I don’t want to waste my time attempting to interact with somebody who will never see it because their admin has my originating host on a shadowban.

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          Some places list their moderation rules either in /about or in a code repo, but even the terms (limited/silenced blocked/banned/suspended) don’t seem to be standard.