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    I never understood the popularity of solarized. It lacks contrast and makes my eyes hurt.

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      There was a blog post which said it was made with science or whatever. Science can’t be wrong.

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          The implication that the goodness of something so subjective can be quantified really irks me. However, I think a lot of people ate this up, as I’ve seen people non-ironically citing this as a reason it is good.

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            I hear it’s Cave Johnson’s favorite IDE color scheme.

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            I’m more and more in favour of highlighting comments more than the individual parts in the code (variables, strings, …) – and I find that comments often have the least contrast :(

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              In Visual Studio Code you can quite easily try this out since you can add your own customizations to the highlighting in the settings. For instance, you could add

                  "editor.tokenColorCustomizations": {
                      "comments": "#e1a866"

              to change the color of all comments.

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              I think it depends a lot on lighting. I use the dark theme at evening/night, and don’t have a lot of light in the room. More contrast rich themes like Monokai hurt my eyes in that setting.

              The Solarized theme that comes with Visual Studio Code actually uses a base color with more contrast than the original design. But I find that rather annoying in the light theme, especially since they also use bold.

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                More contrast rich themes like Monokai hurt my eyes in that setting.

                That makes sense. It’s funny, at night I will continue using typical white-on-black high-contrast color schemes but just drop the monitor brightness a lot if I happen to be hacking away in the dark. Usually I just turn the lights on, though.

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                  For me both variants of Solarized are difficult to read in the daytime on a nice display and borderline unusable at any time of day on a low-end display. On the other hand, I find high-contrast dark themes too harsh, so I tend to use dark themes that are somewhere in the middle (~#999 on ~#222) and higher-contrast light themes (~#222 on ~#f5f5f5).

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                    gruvbox dark works well for me :)

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                      I think the red is perhaps, well, a bit too red in gruvbox. The (over-)use of red/orange/pink in many Solarized themes was part of the reason I made this variant.

                      Darktooth is another interesting gruvbox-like theme.

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                  Agree on the importance of contrast. Lots of color themes are happy to use tons of different colors on things that aren’t completely semantically different (a numeric literal doesn’t always need to stand out a lot) while ignoring the more subtle details such as contrast.

                  I want the attention to detail Solarized has, but with more contrast, and something besides an ocean or a piece of parchment as the background. I’ve been using a version of Github’s color scheme in my editor for awhile, but have yet to really find a color theme that I really like.