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    Personally I think it’ll be more attractive when they call this version a Blender 3.0.

    With all of these improvements in renderer or especially an UI, it’s completely a “new product” and might shot people who were against it with strong “thonk”.

    But people might just miss that whole transformation or call it “meh, yet another blender version, nothing special” in era of version incrementation marketing started by Chrome.

    So on today’s terms the headline:

    Blender 2.80 released

    might not “attract” as much people as:


    Don’t get me wrong. This is not what I promote or even appreciate, but it might get them some sort of “new light” in media. It wouldn’t be bad to do the same for The GIMP too, which also get rid of its major issues in last years, but almost no one knows or wants to know about it.

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      It may be a grim outlook, but my feeling is that there are only two kinds of people: who will read the actual changelog regardless of the version, and those who will never look beyond their proprietary tools.

      I know nothing about graphics, but when I tried to use Blender Foundation movies and other projects to convince graphics people to look at the projects behind them, the usual response is “yeah, that’s cool, but I’m sure it’s still can’t compete with $proprietaryTool”.

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        I agree. I think this version deserves the 3.0. Having so many 2.xx releases gets confusing, Blender has been 2.something ever since I tried it for the first time, and that was a really long time ago.

        Look at Linux for example, they just changed to 3.0 because 2.6.32something was getting messy, and they didn’t even have a reason to.

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        I started using blender back in 1999 before it was open source. This release is fucking amazing. Blender has been my favorite open source project because

        a) They eat their own dog food. They make a movie and update the software as they make the movie.

        b) They care about it being an expert tool. It is the Vim of the 3D editing world. I mean, the keyboard shortcuts I used in 1999 STILL work, and that makes me happy.

        This is one polished piece of open source because they actually care about the users and what they need.

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          I’m glad to see how far Blender has come in the last years. I started working with it with version 2.45 back in 2008 and had a longer break since 2016. Back in the day, it was always said that Blender 3.0 was supposed to be a full-fledged program that could live up to any commercial software easily, and it was far far in the future. Just like GIMP, it’s not difficult to recommend it to anybody now. This used to be different just a few years ago and Blender 3.0 is just a few years ahead of us.