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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

Last Week: https://lobste.rs/s/wcblau/what_are_you_doing_this_week
Last Weekend: https://lobste.rs/s/ltf1il/what_are_you_doing_this_weekend

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      Having dinner and staying in a hotel to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

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      Took my son to his grandparents (my parents). Good family fun all around.

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      I got my survey of commercially available RISC-V SoCs to the point I was happy enough to share it, and as I hoped I’ve started receiving a steady stream of corrections, additions, or further information. So I’ll be incorporating that.

      Otherwise, gaming with my son as well as the usual weekend jobs.

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        Oooh, that looks really nice, thanks!

        It was absolutely astonishing how difficult it was to get basic information about the RISC-V specification implemented by many of these SoCs.

        That fits my experience dealing with many hardware vendors in general. You’d think they’d make full datasheets for all their products easily available so that you can actually, you know, see what their product is, but nope, you usually have to at least cough up your email and phone number so their marketing team can hassle you forevermore. Some companies like STM put some actual effort into making this info accessible. Others, like Allwinner and ironically open-instruction-set-poster-child SiFive, make it a lot more painful.

        Even then, finding the actual info you want in the datasheet is often challenging. It’s usually there though… somewhere…

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      Doing my first 5km parkrun of the year on Saturday (following on from 10km race last weekend), and then first dinghy sailing races of the year on Sunday. Inbetween I should progress the downstairs toilet as it still doesn’t have a door and the pipes from the old sink are sticking up in the doorway waiting to be tripped over and cause a leak.

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      Getting ready to go to CA for the ESRI developer summit next week.

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      I’m thinking of starting a new technical blog in my personal site, but as usual I’ve hit the “what do I use to generate the blog from markdown files?” barrier. My current site is just an HTML file and some CSS.

      In the past I’ve used jekyll (not cool anymore?) and hugo. I could go the hugo route, but it may be too complex for what I want… Also, the last time I had a hugo blog a lot of stuff changed between hugo versions and I had to make changes to my blog several months later (maybe hugo was in its infancy then and changes were expected).

      I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a simple static site generator in Go for this, but I think it’s not worth it. I’ve looked at a simple shell script, barf, but it’s not portable between macOS and Linux, so I’m not going to use it…

      So… I’m still debating what to do. Maybe I can solve that this weekend.

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        Do you want to write or work on a static site generator? My recommendation is to use something that works well with existing tools and is properly maintained. E.g., Jekyll + GitHub Actions would be my choice for a new blog

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          Oops, I see you said essentially what I did—but three hours earlier!

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          Yeah, that’s the thing. In the end what I want is write, not spend too much. I wanted to avoid using something complex but yeah, I’ll end up using hugo since that’s what I’ve used in the past.

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        If you layout needs are simple enough you could go directly with HTML?

        That’s assuming you’re actually more interested in writing than with putting together a build system for your blog. I’m in the latter category, and have spent many, many more hours changing my blog’s build system, css, and CI, than actually writing.

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          I’ve thought abot going on directly with HTML but in the end it’s too painful having to build up my site manually (stitching together a header, footder, content, etc.) every time I write a post. Also maintaining an RSS feed in that case is also tedious.

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        https://www.11ty.dev/ Seems pretty nice. Seems to be as simple or as complicated as you want.

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          Thanks for the recommendation! I ended up using Hugo, and shipped the changes this afternoon :)

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      I keep meaning to do something with https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/varvara.html (but so far it’s just devolved into me spending a few hours doing mediocre pixel art)

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      I got a toy brick van (around 1340 parts) and finally have time this weekend to finish it. It is a very relaxing and calming experience.

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      A long bike ride and a long run.

      I’d also like to play with an idea I have for “hex-trees” - basically the middle step between quad-trees and oct-trees. I might try accelerating hex-grid automata similar to hashlife, but I don’t know how, or if, it will work.

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      Doing my least favourite thing and going to a mall to get some new clothes for the Office. Hopefully finishing up some recommendation consulting work for some server applications for a buddy of mine and spending some much needed time playing with my son.

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      Decided to take a mental day. I finished the first real example for my nodejs-libfive bindings! https://github.com/lf94/node-libfive/blob/main/examples/shipping-box.js I plan to spend the weekend hacking away next at porting over some code CAD models I’ve done in other languages, and also start to peck at integrating libfive into OpenSCAD.

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      Hopefully making Garnet’s backend able to actually compile the code it now typechecks mostly-correctly.

      Taking care of… idk, other stuff too.

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      I’m working on a project to transcribe all of the YC YouTube channel and create a chatbot over it.


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      Attending a few films at the Dublin International Film Festival.

      I’m also re-learning Clojure, and using it to put together a fairly simple web-app to organize my e-book collection. I’m not a fan of Calibre, and would prefer to avoid it if I can, so I’ll be wrapping pandoc when it comes to implementing conversions between formats.

      Despite registering a github organization and a domain name, I’m not planning on it becoming a serious project, just a fun, easy, way to get back into clojure (and maybe clojurescript when I implement the front-end), and hopefully a useful tool that works better than my current approach of chuck everything in a directory and hope for the best.