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    Very nice. I like the idea of DHT to share contents and still keep everything on your phone. I must admit I’m kind of lost after installing the app though: how do I add people? Are there ‘public’ posts? If so, how do I find them? I will of course look every question up, but a small intro would be nice…

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      If you can’t get the dht connection to work with a friend, get an invitation from one of the connection points (pubs) listed here


      and paste it into the network “Paste Invite” box.

      Pubs basically introduce you to the network initially, so you can build up a set of peers to connect to, and after that are not needed.

      Because it is an offline-first network, your phone keeps a copy of all your peers on it. As such the initial sync (especially from a pub) may take a while, and use a lot of data, so wifi connection is a good option if it is cheaper for you.

      And the app will be fairly unresponsive during the initial sync. This is early stage tech, not completely polished yet.

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      Good to see someone implementing something more than a PoC application on top of Scuttlebutt. I personally never got around to understanding the choice for pub servers and their specific role in the P2P network. The pub nodes form a major hassle for on boarding new users, especially the ones that are not as tech-savvy.

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        Been trying to get this working with like four people - to no avail :(

        Very nice!

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          Anyone know what the plan is for people using both mobile and desktop ssb clients?

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            No blockchain

            Doesn’t scuttlebutt use one?

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              Technically speaking your feed is an append-only log of data blocks.

              However, there’s typically only one node writing to it and it doesn’t have proof of anything (other than possession of a private key).

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                No, rather than having a single centralized feed, each user has a feed that they replicate to their friends and friends of friends.

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                Has anyone got this working? I’m excited to see how it works because so far I have never seen a p2p protocol work well on mobile. I think this might actually be feasible as it could just turn off when the phone is locked unlike IM apps which need to be listening all the time.