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Giving back little gifts of code for Christmas.


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    Event tag for one-off things. :)

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      Ugh, I’m really not a fan of efforts like this. They tend to encourage one-off low quality pull requests that end up taking more time to review and merge in than if a maintainer just did the work.

      We should be encouraging people to become frequent contributors to projects they use often, not doing one-off pull requests on many projects.

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        TBF, this sort of thing can be beneficial to some projects, I’m mostly thinking of readme updates for non-native english speaking teams, logo designs, etc that generally make up a lot of the PRs done during similar events like Hacktoberfest. These are solid improvements that the maintainers generally appreciate.

        These events also help teams clear out their backlogs of not difficult but low priority bugs that often never get fixed because something else is always a higher priority.

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