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      Are you chatting to yourself over Google Meet?

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        I figured that 6% spike in Meet DAU looked suspicious…

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        Haha, yes :)

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      Don’t really want to rain on your parade but you basically built a 720p without microphone which has high chances of failure (SDs are not the most reliable components out there).

      While that is definitely a great learning project (I did something similar myself before for fun), you can get 720p with microphone, longer durability and warranty for peanuts nowadays (around $30 or so). Also you can find some 1080p webcam (with microphone obviously) for about $55 on Amazon today.

      So, I’m not sure your setup is necessarily economically smart, especially after including work and future maintenance. Kudos for making things yourself though! 😊

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        With a much better sensor and lens though. I’d be concerned about latency and agree it would be a sensible extension to figure out onboard audio.

        The thing I keep hoping to find in a webcam replacement is full 3D LUT color correction.

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          The thing I keep hoping to find in a webcam replacement is full 3D LUT color correction.

          Hm, what would you use it for?

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      It would be interesting to see what quality you’d get out of this with a faster lens, say a F1.8 or lower. It does look good but no better then for instance using an slightly older iPhone and a $20 NDI-compatible app for streaming, but with a faster lens maybe it would.

      I have a EOS RP for streaming which is great but I’ve used the iPhone with the OBS-Camera app on the go for a more portable setup which works better then expected, I don’t really use OBS for live-streaming/videocalls but rather use the NDI-streaming directly to NDI virtual cam and use it as a standard webcam.

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      Great article! Does 1080p works with a Pi 4 or none of the Pi are able to reach this resolution without maintaining the appropriate framerate?