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    I recently converted an IBM-122 terminal keyboard which I’m typing on macos. Karabiner-Elements is an indispensable tool for me!

    PS: If you use Karabiner, show some appreciation by “registering” (really a donation) to tekezo!

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      Is there any feature that doesn’t exist out-of-the-box on Linux?

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        GPU drivers

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          Most likely, I’ll end up buying a Lenovo A485 to replace my MBP 2012. To my knowledge, the AMD and Intel GPU drivers work out of the box these days so it’s only NVIDIA, right?!

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          macOS support.

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            Nothing like that exists out of the box. Linux is but a kernel.

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              In @soc’s defense, he wrote “[…] on Linux”.

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              You don’t have to use xorg/wayland.