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    Upvoting this because I think it’s nice to have an explanation of why games cost what they do.

    That said, it’s still a moribound shithole of an industry, and once you’ve done some time in the field learning hard programming, get the fuck out.

    For further insight on how the current industry has valued customers, see the indomitable Puppy Games blog:


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      They conveniently leave out the list of excellent games that cost less than $20, of which there is a lifetime’s worth.

      We wrote an engine from scratch so that we could create fully destructible environments and still have good control over performance.

      Writing an engine from scratch is usually a bad choice. I’m glad there are people trying to do this, but I’d expect that 95% of the time, writing an engine from scratch means you get out less than you put in.

      I have no opinions on this specific game (I haven’t played it), but I do think the economics of steam reflect reality: there is a massive oversupply of games, and talented programmers (and artists and musicians and…) would largely produce more value by devoting their talents to other things.