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      “(The thing you do not want to do is to compute every permutation of the letters of each word, looking for permutations that appear in the word list. That is akin to sorting a list by computing every permutation of the list and looking for the one that is sorted. I wouldn’t have mentioned this, but someone on StackExchange actually asked this question.)”

      Ah, the quantum computing early adopter.

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        You can’t even do that in quantum computing. Quantum sorts are still n log n. :)

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      I’m not a fan of notaries ~ senorita. ñ is not the same letter as n! Interesting writeup of an interesting computational problem though!

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        you are thinking of the spanish señorita and not the english senorita.

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      I think a poor-man’s version would be calculating the levenshtein distance (or some kind of edit distance) between the two strings and dividing that by the length of one of the strings.

      You don’t get the exact results, but the index falls along how “interesting” the author found the anagrams. It looks like anything under 0.66 is pretty boring.

      Here are how some of the pairs match up on the indexing:

      zolotink zolotnik : 0.25

      cholecystoduodenostomy duodenocholecystostomy : 0.5909

      cat act : 0.6666

      cinematographer megachiropteran : 0.7333

      notaries senorita : 0.75

      clitoridean directional : 0.8181

      earringed grenadier : 0.8888

      [edited for newlines]

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      I used a similar technique to make my anagram-based conspiracy theory twitter bot. https://twitter.com/Anagrams2spooky

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      11 surprisement trumperiness

      Relevant. “Trumpery” is an archaic term for “bullshit” and we’ve all been surprised by how far bullshitters can get. The tech scene over the past decade has been mostly trumpery, and then there’s the obvious…

      12 prerealization proletarianize

      I consider this legitimate (not jargon or too technical) because I recognize both words and think most educated people would.

      I’m also a fan of:

      11 clitoridean directional


      11 crenelation intolerance

      It seems that an intolerant person would wish to live in a castle. And crenelations are a must-have if you wish to defend your fortification olden-style, with a bow and arrow.

      11 derailments streamlined

      Near antonyms, insofar as derailments prevent a process from being streamlined, although business people attempting to “streamline” companies usually end up derailing things.