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      I’m one of the engineers quoted in the article. I’d be happy to answer whatever questions I can here.

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        Thank you! On which features are the people at AWS currently working on?

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      I’ll tell you why I’m super-happy to see this. Not because it puts some money, and stability under the people working on for instance tokio (though that is really awesome), and not because it will help rust and the ecosystem around it move that much little bit faster.

      No, I’m happy to see this because I now don’t have to try and make the argument “It’s great! Mozilla uses it for stuff!” which is what almost every discussion about adopting rust as a programming language in an organisation generally degrades into once you realize no one understands what the hell a “borrow checker” is.

      And yeah I get that evaluating a language for use in enterprise / large organisations is a lot more nuanced than that, but when you’re talking to higher ups, being able to point to real world, large-scale, vocal adopters of something wins you half the battle some times.

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      Does this confirm that Jon Gjengset has joined Amazon after his PhD Thesis?

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        Yeah he did, he announced on his Twitter as well.

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      I’m very glad to see Rust getting ultra-high profile backers. Much like objectif_lune has observed, ad populum is a very popular discussion.