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    The crowdfunding passed the one million dollar mark in the course of last night. Less than 500 000 $ to go, with 19 days to collect it!

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      For those interested in that sort of thing, here’s a plot of the funds raised over the last 5 days, plus a linear extrapolation. If people keep signing up at this rate, it looks like they’ll make it.


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        There’s nothing in the post you’ve linked that isn’t debunked later in the thread as far as I can tell. Which arguments linked do you think people need to consider?

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            An isolated baseband modem is an important feature. Did you see the Samsung Galaxy “backdoor” discovered by the Replicant project? The modem has full I/O access to the phone’s storage. Not cool. A properly isolated modem would be proprietary, but at least you’re somewhat insulated from it.

            The Neo900 project is taking the same route as Purism:

            Isn’t a non-free baseband firmware a privacy issue?

            We’re going to address privacy concerns of non-free modem firmware by ensuring that the modem has access to no more data than absolutely necessary, so it won’t be able to spy on anything that’s not already available on carrier side. On Neo900 one can be sure that the modem is actually turned off when requested, not just pretending to be. Users will be notified in case of the modem wanting to do something without their consent.

            Unlike some other smartphones do, Neo900 won’t share system RAM with the modem and system CPU will always have full control over the microphone signal sent to the modem. You can think of it as a USB dongle connected to the PC, with you in full control over the drivers, with a virtual LED to show any modem activity.

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              Yeah, and the claim being made and/or refuted is that it’s common for the baseband to exist on a separate chip. (Or core, since everything is one die these days, but it’s isolated.) All of these privacy phones keep bringing this up as a selling point, but they’re actually very vague about which phones aren’t isolated.

              If you read your link carefully, you’ll notice that the backdoor only works with driver side support on the host OS. That’s because it already is isolated. The modem does not have full access. It can make requests to the host OS, which the host can accommodate or not, but that’s nowhere close to being the same thing as full access.

              This is kind of like how Chipotle brags about serving hormone free chicken, but the USDA prohibits feeding hormones to chickens. All chicken in the US is hormone free. But people read the sign and are tricked into thinking its somehow better than the chicken elsewhere. (Yeah, sure, it could be, but not for the cited reason.)

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                Ah, that makes sense. Still, I think an isolated modem is a requirement even if it’s not unique to the Librem 5.

                The phone has other goodies too. For instance it uses the free graphics driver Etnaviv. That’s an improvement over Copperhead’s Pixel phones, which use binary blob Adreno graphics drivers.

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              The first reply addresses all the points, to paraphrase (and add commentary):

              “CPU separate from Baseband”

              Yes, there are no opensource basebands, that’s the whole point behind saying that they’re going to isolate it to something where the CPU can purposefully communicate with it rather than just giving it full access to the CPU’s memory.

              “World’s first ever IP-native mobile handset”

              First this seems like a weird thing to pick on, all it means (obviously) it that they don’t intend to make use of any non-IP based communication, no voice, no sms, just IP.

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                And AFAICT they plan to support carrier voice and SMS, but the Matrix support will be “native”.

                So long as I can install my own stuff to keep using JMP, I’ll be fine with just data, though :)

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                    Look, I’m all about being shown that I’m wrong, but simply responding to me with “you’re wrong” (effectively) isn’t helping anything.