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    Woah! Cool! I’ve been toying around lately with a stack based lisp. One goal, though, is to appear more applicable, and to mix pre/postfix notation with a few rules. Like, for example, (def word-count (split " ") length) which splits the top of the stack by “ ”, and then takes the length. I haven’t done much on it in a while, but this reminds me to get back to it!

    Thanks for sharing Gush! Will have to find some time to play around with it.

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      I’m working on a language for genetic programming which is also Lisp like, but it won’t be stack based. Instead, I’m using S-expressions for predicates in a Blackboard Architecture inspired engine for game AI. One can easily map things like FSA and behavior trees to this, as well as mutate the collection of predicates and implement something analogous to gene crossover. Like Gush, it doesn’t have crashes.

      My intention is to use it to run the AI in this project: https://www.emergencevector.com/