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      Pages you load can’t access the node APIs or OS calls. The advantage of them using Node is that they can write the browser chrome and features in JavaScript using Node APIs. This is the same approach taken by Brave, the ad blocking browser Brendan Eich is working on.

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      What is the innovation here? Isn’t it just using Chromium in the background, so how is this better than…just using Chromium?

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        I like that the UI is even less than Chromium’s. The tab management also looks more useful. Those are things you can’t change as much in Chromium, as Min does by building a whole new UI for the engine underneath.

        But I only played with it a couple of minutes, as it doesn’t run all so well on Debian (menus missing is a bit of an issue).

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          When it says “faster” is that just BS then? How can it be faster than chromium unless the UI on chromium is really heavy? It also states:

          Min is designed to be fast. It uses less battery power, so you don’t have to worry about finding a charger.

          But again, if it’s Chromium doing all the hard parts, is that just not a meaningful statement?

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            That, I do not know. I do not care about it being faster or lighter on battery power. As a user, a convenient UI matters to me a lot more. The rest? I can’t judge.

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              That may not be a problem for you, but it certainly is for anyone who keeps many tabs open at once.

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        Min is written entirely with CSS and JavaScript…

        I’m mildly worried.

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          FWIW, Min runs on Linux too, albeit on Debian (running from git), I had some issues, such as application menus not showing.

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            Uh, no back button? Does it exclusively use gestures? If so, it’s pretty limited for people who use a mouse (and we still exist.)

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              Keyboards are your friend. ctrl-[ goes back, ctrl-] goes forward.