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    ALiEn Project Website

    ALiEn Documentation

    What I find cool about this is that in order to handle the scale of the required simulations, the simulation code is entirely written in CUDA:

    Artificial Life Environment (ALiEn) is a simulation program based on a specialized 2D physics and rendering engine in CUDA. Each simulated body has a graph-like structure of connected building blocks that can either be programmed or equipped with functions to act in the world (accelerators, sensors, weapons, constructors, etc.). Such internal processes are triggered by signals coming from circulating tokens. The bodies can be thought of as small machines or agents operating in a common environment.

    The simulation code is written entirely in CUDA and highly optimized for large-scale real-time simulations of millions of bodies and particles.

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      Reminds me of the cell stage from Spore, at least at a superficial level. Was that an influence?

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        I wonder how portable the code is. It currently only builds on Windows which makes it a bit of a non-starter for me but based on the dependencies I wouldn’t think it would be an impossible task to port.