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      The personal side of the story interspersed throughout the slides was…fairly touching, actually.

      1. Fresh out of hosptital, Maurice arrives at Rambazamba Thea[t]re in a wheelchair
      2. At the time, Maurice could not speak
      3. Maurice was convinced he could not act
      4. The director put Maurice on the floor and said “act!”.
      5. Maurice screamed
      6. Maurice got the part
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        I enjoyed that as well.

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      On top of great work, this is a beautiful story and slide show. Maurice seems like an amazing dude. Really respectable work all of you did here. On a side note, it’s also a model example of paying close attention to a user (or customer) to ensure tech really meets their needs. I like how the slides illustrate that in action every step of the way.

      Awesome stuff! :)

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      You might want to consider adding the a11y tag.

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      Missing ffmpeg package! must follow pkg-readmes/firefox, duh

      hm, Firefox dlopens ffmpeg? I thought it just linked dynamically and you have to always have ffmpeg installed…

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        Something involving gstreamer I think.