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Reddit announcement thread by the author.

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      Sheesh, at this rate we’re going to need a gopher tag soon! :)

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      I’d recommending writing a gopher client if you want a good project, especially for a platform you’re unfamiliar with. Networking, simple parsing, and simple yet diverse UIs are all involved.

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        I wholeheartedly agree! I wrote a gopher client to learn Rust and then Go.

        simple parsing

        Not unlike HTTP, it’s a lot less simple once your code interacts with real gopher sites :-)

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          Whats the main issue?

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            after spending a couple of hours playing around and writing a rudimentary client:

            • there are some protocol extensions that you’ll have to support
            • some sites include weird things like empty lines before page terminators

            I haven’t done a lot of browsing yet, but there’s probably a lot of little things like this to deal with. that said, this seems like a good project for getting used to a programming language/SDK.

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      It’s worth mentionning the cgo terminal client which works great and let the user specify external applications to open files