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    Y2038 is mostly a UNIX problem, and it has mostly already been dealt with.

    Linux FreeBSD

    That’s not to say that there will be a lot of older hardware that will need to be upgraded before then, but given that people have been working on the problem for a while now, and most hardware has gone from 32bit, to 64bit, with the equivalent jump in time_t I don’t think it will be as big a problem as Y2K was.

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      and it has mostly already been dealt with.

      This is unfortunate.

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        Thought you might find this tidbit amusing (if you didn’t see it):

        To (somewhat inaccurately) summarize: the problem with 2000 is that there was (and is, and will be in 2038) a whole bunch of COBOL doing the Really Important Stuff with two-digit year fields.

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          The 2038 equivalent of that is some pentium box running centos 5 sitting doing critical work in a corner of some factory somewhere.

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        the thread continues into 2021 here