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    Accurate or not, it’s a brilliant piece of satire. I’d give it three or for upvotes if I could :)

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      We call the new style Document/Literal and the old style RPC/Encoded.

      I lived through this and it was as awful as it sounds (I had to write an 8 page technical white paper on this stuff). Still makes me want to cry.

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        Also, trigger alert.


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          Hehe. For me, SOAP is kind of the midway point between CORBA and REST (I know I’m comparing apples and oranges, but you get my meaning). Better, but still painful…

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          I don’t know if this was ever true, but IME it’s very much not true today - there are mature WSDL-first libraries for all major stacks, and they all interoperate with each other (whether via a formal standards process or pragmatic workarounds I don’t know). Nowadays SOAP-based interfaces Just Work - more reliably than popular JSON-based alternatives, IME.

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            True, things are a lot better than they were in 2000, but I think the Simple is still definitely a misnomer. There are so many different SOAP-style web service standards and application stacks have a habit of picking and choosing the parts they want to implement (never mind RPC vs document style - just last year I came across an application whose API was RPC style only). Not to mention the very flexible data models that XSD supports don’t map nicely to various toolkits.

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              IMO this is a great example of the perfect pearl versus Good Enough. REST is Good Enough. SOAP tried to be too many things to too many people, and so it’s losing in the adoption game for new developers.