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    I would say if Twitter isn’t good for you, just quit it. I deleted Twitter some time ago and I honestly don’t miss it. I really wonder why people keep complaining but don’t take real action a.k.a deleting their account.

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      Author here - I’m glad you did. I use Twitter to stay in touch with some friends and professional contacts (I’ve deleted FB, IG, LI etc). Twitter is a toxic cesspool for many people but I’ve curated it for my needs to a point where my use of it is very intentional (I have 3k+ blocked accounts for example).

      Some might think that I’m in a bubble (and you might be right to some extent), but I do not consume news through Twitter. I still read “real” news and get a print newspaper.

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        Just delete it and email you friends and professional contacts. A curated cesspool is still a cesspool.

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          Email? Who emails their friends or even reads personal email. Email is 99% junk, way worse signal to noise ratio than even something like Twitter.

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            If you do even a modicum of curation/filtering, email is 80% signal. Letting everyone with your address deliver to your inbox is a recipe for a mess on any platform.

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              I do, a lot.

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                I dunno. Try fastmail and watch who you hand your email out to?

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                Why do you care what I do with my life?

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              Same reason people say they should start exercising but don’t or quitting smoking etc.

              talking is easier than doing

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                That’s true. Isn’t there a phrase “Scrolling is the new smoking”?

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                  Author here - your comment seems to assume a lot about me.

                  What in my post proposes that others should delete their twitter?

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                    My comment is about the general behaviour of people as reported by jlelse in the parent comment i.e. a lot of people seem to talk about twitter being bad but not quitting it.

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                  If you’re a content creator it’s useful to have a feed for your releases. In the old world it was RSS but now we live in this fucked up iOS-app-store-dominated world so Twitter is the only option. Post your ad and gtfo.

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                  Whilst I don’t begrudge folks of this choice, I feel that this:

                  On your social media profile, your historical tweets will be attributed to the person you are now. … I still choose not to be represented by them.

                  is in tension with the later assertion:

                  My purpose here is to not scrub things I’ve said.

                  The purpose is to scrub prior remarks – which, given how social media works, is not wholly unreasonable.

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                    You cut out context from the second quote

                    My purpose here is to not scrub things I’ve said. I’m aware of archiving services like the Internet Archive (donate to them). I know they can preserve my tweets—forever—before I delete them. I know that the Internet is not ephemeral. My goal here is to be more in control of my public profile and persona, while being honest in the moment.

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                      I don’t believe that context changes my point: it’s all hair splitting. You don’t want your tweets to be on your profile; you’re literally scrubbing it. To be clear, I don’t think it’s a bad thing – I suspect Twitter should actually do this by default for users who don’t opt out – I just think it’s being intellectually circuitous to say your purpose isn’t to scrub your profile.

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                        It might be more accurate to say that one doesn’t want to leave a public and easily-locatable trail of past transient thoughts (especially as they can be weaponized through cancel culture), whilst still refraining from self-censoring themselves. In other words, be honest in expressing one’s thoughts, but making sure that their existance is transient.

                        Opinions evolve; so these transient thoughts may or may not find their way to permanent notes, articles, blog posts.

                        I’m more or less arriving at OP’s (u/krn) conclusions myself.

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                          The context is important because I’m scrubbing content from Twitter, and not the Internet.

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                        The method is to scrub prior remarks. Not quite the same, right?

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                        I was sort of inspired by this post and the code to write my own version for Mastodon/Pleroma: https://github.com/e-zk/floots

                        It’s not as fleshed out nor does it delete favourites or reposts (yet), but it was fun to make.

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                          The entitlement and toxicity in this thread by the commenters is not much different than on the orange site unfortunately. I’m disappointed in you all.

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                            Don’t worry about it. Dumping on Twitter is a form of nerd virtue signalling.

                            FWIW I think it’s an interesting piece of software. Are there any issues registering it as an app in Twitter?

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                              There weren’t for me but I imagine these days it may be a bit of a wait to get API keys.

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                            I was half expecting this link to lead to a deleted Tweet…

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                              Well, the first link in the post actually seems to do just that.

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                              Why even bother with twitter in the first place. It’s a toxic cesspool.

                              It’s trivial to find better use of your time.

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                                For me it feels like a hack to give yourself permit for bad behavior.

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                                  If you use Nix (and/or NixOS), and would like to try this out, checkout https://github.com/srid/ephemeral-twitter

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                                    There are a lot of these services around - I’ve been aware of the desire for people to delete their tweets for a couple of years now.