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Submitting a story is not possible if the same story was already submitted, but then removed by the original author. Presumably, you should be able to submit something someone else removed. Otherwise you can easily game the system and censor stories.


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    This is fixed now.

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      Amazing, great turnaround! P.S.

      Is it preferred to use github’s issue tracker for this sort of thing? Or is submitting bugs as a story acceptable?


      Since you didn’t hellban me like HN did to you, I will assume what I did was acceptable ;-) But I will do what is preferred in the future.

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        If it’s strictly a bug, using Github is probably best just so it doesn’t take up space on the front page. If it’s something that would change site policy or behavior that users might want to debate, posting a /t/meta story is probably better.

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          How would you have categorized this? Because I can see this being a change in behavior. But I can also see it being a bug.

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            As a bug. The submitter (you) assumed that the behaviour was erroneous, accidental, a bug. If it were intentional, then @jcs would reply to the bug and state that it’s behaving as expected. Then you would post to /t/meta and begin a dialog about how and why you believe the behaviour to be wrong.

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              Good point. Makes sense, thanks. I’m not sure what I was thinking :-)

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      Does the usual workaround of adding some extra parameters to url work?


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        Please don’t do that, it upsets @tedu.

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        I’ve had this happen to me twice.