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      Flagged; no code, no source, just a signup page. Lobsters is not your advertising channel.

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        I’m not advertising anything, I have no affiliation, only interest—there is lots to discuss here as far as concepts go and with the recent Atom sunset announcement and Lapce getting discussed both here on lobste.rs this seemed an interesting discovery and something folks might want to watch.

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          Lapce is OSS; this is vaporware.

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            A fair point—and I’m sure a large part of why this post has +8 -6; it is tantalizing but not yet here.

            I’ve been digging in to lapce and there is a lot of promise, but it also still a bit squishy still. No plugins, no extensibility, little configurability, etc.

            I also don’t know if Zed materializes what the license model will be. The dev talk video said they planned on open sourcing the GUI toolkit, but I haven’t spotted any hints on whether the editor itself will be FOSS.

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      Flagging as “already posted”

      Suggest folding this into rkn9s6: https://lobste.rs/s/rkn9s6/introducing_zed_lightning_fast

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        Folding is fine with me, but the other link is getting spam flags because it “doesn’t have code”. The announcement blog post and related site stuff is interesting but light on detail—most of the public information seems to be in this video really so maybe better to fold this direction.

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          Fair enough. I prefer text-based submissions as the “primary” when merging articles, but the decision is for @pushcx to make.

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      This is more of a pre-announcement. The project doesn’t seem to be available for download yet - even in an early alpha form.