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    Never understood this: status checks are the one thing I want to outsource and uptimerobot is $50/yr.

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      I’m an early user of Checkup and work at the company that created it (Sourcegraph). Happy to answer any questions people have!

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        This is interesting. I use Consul for healthchecks. What are advantages/disadvantages of using this over straight consul?

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          Consul is a great project, and I think it’s a bit of an apples/oranges comparison. Consul health checks are a bit lower level (checking the health of individual nodes and services in your Consul cluster rather than checking the availability of your app to end-users, although you can certainly use them for that, too) and are one component of the Consul suite of tools.

          Checkup aims to be more of a standalone OSS alternative to services like Pingdom and StatusCake, and should work with any web service. It also comes with a status page dashboard out of the box.