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      What if you just mashed up the banana and spread it on in a uniform layer?

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        You’ve just ruined his life’s work, I hope you’re happy

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        Alternatively, mashing the banana up and stirring it together into a paste with the peanut butter (and possibly honey) and spreading it that way.

        This method does however introduce the build dependency of a bowl, and additional washing-up debt.

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          Take a bite of bread, a bite of banana, and a bite of peanut butter. Let your mouth be the bowl.

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            That’s an engineer’s solution if I’ve ever seen one.

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              Thank you. 😂

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        That would ruin the banana texture.

        My suggestion would be to accept the sandwich as it is, and not try to homogenise the sandwich. This way, you don’t know what you will get in each bite, and you can let yourself be surprised.

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          Or just slice the banana lengthwise, it gets better coverage, more bananaliciousness and less waste.

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      Keeping track of your coordinate systems and scaling factors can be difficult, and it’s probably worth doing this in a smart way.

      I have recently been enjoying elm-geometry’s approach to tracking coordinate systems using static types. Any type representing a geometric object takes the coordinate system as a type parameter (and the unit of length as another parameter).

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      Looking forward to a genetic engineering post about growing bananas that slice into squares for more efficient packing.