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    Here’s a list of advantages Genera LISP machines had at one point:


    A few of the coolest capabilities are still true. The development, debugging, and extension experience of LISP machines has yet to show up in modern OS’s. Still the ultimate hacker’s platform. I’d love to see the same kind of capabilities show up in a UNIX.

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      I’m no Lisp expert. Aren’t most LISP advantages linked to the fact that you’re programming directly in ASTs?

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        It’s a big one. It’s an AST, it’s easy to process, and the representation is same for code and data. The other aspect is the underlying core is flexible and efficient in runtime thanks to lots of optimization. Add to it that the best ones allow <b>incremental, per-function compilation</b>, REPL interactivity, live updates, and advanced exceptions to make for one heck of a fast development/debug cycle. The incremental compilation & live updates were always my favorite, though. It’s like programming in God Mode.

        A whole OS that way would be badass. Another thing about Genera was you could use the OS source code in your applications. They already had modules that did all sorts of stuff. You app is in the same language. Might as well reuse them where possible. ;)

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      This looks very promising. So many people have talked about this for Y-E-A-R-S. Nice to see someone has apparently actually done it.

      I look forward to having the time to try this :)