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    I was disappointed when they were acquired by logmein and after the past two weeks I’m no longer a paying customer. Where has everyone else landed?

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      I have been using 1Password since 2009 and am very happy with it. I have tried LastPass on some occasions, but it always looked flakey. Also, at the time it seemed to lack separation between the browser extension and actual password storage, which 1Password does have [1].

      Of course, 1Password is not really an option if you use Linux.

      [1] https://support.1password.com/mini-extension-security/

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        I’m also a 1Password user and am generally happy with it. A few things have started grating with me lately though, in particular the push to a subscription model - grandfathered-in customers don’t have to adopt it, but AFAICS it’s required for new users.

        1Password used to allow read only access from any browser (via the 1Password.html file), but that’s no longer recommended and it doesn’t work via Dropbox any more. There’s gonepass, but again it’s read only.

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        I personally use enpass