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    I can’t access this page, I get a “server not found” error.

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      It was working for me not long ago; it seems available on web archive in the meantime: http://web.archive.org/web/20220914231535/https://poniesandlight.co.uk/reflect/island_rendergraph_1/

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        ouch, sorry about that - it should work now. it might have been a case of too many requests at once, as the site is self-hosted.

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          Still down here

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            😭 it looks like it’s working for me — but this seems like an intermittent issue with my hosting provider … i’d be grateful for recommendations for where to reliably host a static self-hosted website in 2022… github?!

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              It looks like a DNS issue to me; somehow dig poniesandlight.co.uk @ works but not with @ (cloudfare)

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                wow interesting … thank you for checking this out. the internet keeps surprising me.

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                  the internet keeps surprising me

                  The more I know about it the more I’m surprised it works at all.

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                    “the internet is made mostly of duct tape and hope” - anonymous