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    This is excellent hardware hackery. I personally can’t stand live-streamed programming as content or as harbinger of dystopia, but the screen capture setup is great. And yes I realise I’m the old man shouting at clouds.

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      I’ve loved the video series so far. I hope to catch the live stream one day (although can be tricky to get US and AU time zones to overlap).

      I reckon the only thing missing from this set up is a way to notify folks that jcs is going live. Perhaps a dedicated RSS feed would do? I use Feedbin Notifier to get push notifications from a subset of my subscriptions, so could add it there.

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        Hi, I added a Pushover subscription link on the page.

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          Great, thanks. Subscribed.

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            It’s free to try out for 5 days and get notifications from jcs live and many others.

            This text should probably be updated 😅 (surprised it’s 5 days - I don’t remember a time when the trial wasn’t 7 days.)

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              Fixed, thanks. It changed from 5 to 7 days in 2015 after Apple complained (and then to 30 days last year).

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          Man those screens were tiny.

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            I don’t know whether <cheapo dongle> (or OpenBSD) is capable of keeping up with a much higher resolution, full-color source like capturing a game.

            Well, it’s a fake USB 3 dongle, so no – not in good quality at least. As one review says:

            One way to tell if a device is really using USB 3.0 is how much uncompressed (YUV2) video it can send. USB 3.0 can carry 4.8Gbps and a 1080p uncompressed signal at 60fps and 4:2:2 chroma sampling is less than 3Gbps, so theoretically this device should be able to send the full signal in YUV2 format, but it won’t. In fact it’s limited to 5fps in 1080p or 10fps in 720p. MJPEG format will allow you 1080p 60fps, but has compression artifacts and discoloration.

            There’s an easier way to tell: despite the USB-A plug being blue it does not have the superspeed pins! Even in the pictures that are clearly renders.

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              I have a confusion of emotions on seeing something that I did as a professional in the 80s being live-streamed (?) on the Internet (?) as hobby retrocomputing (?). My wife does letterpress printing using equipment dating from 1920-1970 and I’m sure the old printers would feel similarly in her shop.

              That said, I love the display hack and the whole idea!