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    This must be based on the NexDock: http://nexdock.com/

    The pictures of the laptop are exactly the same device I have sitting in my lap right now. The NexDock of course has no computer inside it: it’s a keyboard, touchpad, SD reader, USB hub, and display.

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      How are you liking the NexDock? How are you using it?

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        Honestly, I haven’t used it very much at all. I tried it out with my phone and tablet and it was okay, but I’ve never really used a keyboard at length with an Android device even though I’ve had a keyboard specifically for Android for about 5 years. The resolution doesn’t lend itself to a good experience with Android.

        I bought it primarily to be used as a Raspberry Pi terminal. I did not catch that the device does not have USB connectivity to the to be able to use the keyboard and trackpad. The keyboard and trackpad connect through Bluetooth only.

        I got it primarily so that I might be able to use it at a conference that I posted in August, but it was delayed and delayed like many projects are.

        If I had to summarize, I would say that I am slightly disappointed, but it’s likely to improve as I actually use it for projects.

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      The PineA64 is a travesty of computing.

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        Could you please elaborate? A blanket statement like that doesn’t contribute anything and doesn’t help people that are interested in the product to make an informed purchase.

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          While I understand the appeal of having a fully-OSS design that you can contribute to and audit, you’d get more bang for your buck by just dropping $100 on eBay for a Thinkpad. But I agree that the parent comment is kinda useless.

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            Apologies if my previous comment relied upon people knowing about the fiasco surrounding the board this is based on.

            Brian Benchoff’s un-review covers the pine64 experience in far more detail than I could here.