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      How does the windows package manager compare to something like apt or pacman on Linux these days? Last I used it, it used a git repository for packages, and worked quite well, but I’m unsure how big the ecosystem is now since then.

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        I’d say it’s good enought, it gets the job done.

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          I tried it at my previous job, and it didn’t seem comparable. For starters, it does not care about dependencies at all, so you can install something that doesn’t work, or break something by uninstalling another thing and you won’t get as much as a warning.

          It seemed more like a fancy curl that downloads .exes by name or ID.

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            Yeah that was my experience before as well. I’m hoping it becomes more like package managers on Linux or like homebrew on Mac. But unfortunately it seems currently it’s as you said, just a fancy curl.

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          is it superior to chocolatey yet?