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    At this level of meta, is the distinction between heap and stack real?

    I’d love to see an SSA portable assembly designed to be written by humans with a top notch macro system to get something that has this much higher degree of correspondence from what you write to the assembly while still being portable.

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      Yeah, you get what I’d like to see. I’d really like to see a serious attempt at it!

      The distinction is real because one is used for sequential allocation and other random allocation which I think is necessary?… At least necessary to a degree for other things people need to achieve. But also there is literal hardware for navigating “the stack” via stack register.

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      Well, it’s been a while since I mentioned my project here, so: https://github.com/akkartik/mu

      (Colorized sources. This is memory-safe code, and most statements map to a single instruction of x86 machine code.)

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        I was going to link your project in the piece originally :) I will!