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Founder tweet: https://twitter.com/tomcoates/status/1220076287995207680

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    This is a product pre-release signup page. The orange site is often a better place for that than here.

    (Please let’s not make Lobsters another downstream marketing channel.)

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      The twitter discussion about how they plan to fix some of the problems with the big centralized social networks is interesting. Would it have be better to link to the thread instead of the site itself?

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        At the risk of sounding negative–and this is just my own opinion–the twitter thread I saw was mostly fawning adoration before I really saw any of that other stuff. A later writeup by somebody not trying to drive user growth for their investor-backed company might be both clearer and more conducive to discussion.

        My big concern is that we not become a launch site for growth hackers. This is a real concern, and we periodically have to purge people abusing us for eyeballs.

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      I’m on SSB and friends with the people working on Planetary. Do you folks want me to relay questions?