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    My research group runs our entire grid computing (that is, a “cloud” for you young ones) infrastructure from a LackRack in an old bathroom. We’re poor I guess.

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      Ha, I see this in use on r/homelab all the time. Truly low cost.

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        I used a LackRack for a while, but the particle board the legs are made out of is pretty flimsy. Be very careful not to over tighten. And, if you need to unscrew equipment, be very careful when reusing your screw holes.

        FWIW, smaller 19" equipment racks of the same size as this are not much more expensive.

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          A Lack table is £5. I find it hard to believe that any 19" rack can match that, no matter how small!

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          I run my own “server farm” in my apartment using LackRack. Super easy and flexible, which is important. I am not using standard 1U+ servers but rather leftover desktops and laptops as my servers.

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            Have you put the old hardware in a more server-esque chassis? If not, how does using the LackRack help you with desktops? Does it just give you some extra height/stacking ability?

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            I spotted a LackRack Enterprise Edition at the thrift store, got it for like $3, works fine for my purposes.