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    Referred-to announcement: http://www.apple.com/ios/preview/

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      Does he mean open access to an API that can work with iOS?

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          So they’re essentially going to steal the idea? They should at least acquire f.lux…

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              Their website does say they have a patent pending, no link to the actual content of it though.

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          Previously you’d be able to install the f.lux app using sideloading via Xcode (see https://justgetflux.com/sideload/#sideloading-flux-on-ios-with-xcode-7) vs. the previous requirement of a jailbroken phone. That ability was short-lived because it violated the iOS developer agreement. They’ve been having conversations with Apple for over 5 years asking for those APIs to be documented.

          Even though Apple will now include this feature natively, it seems that the APIs f.lux needs will remain undocumented, and therefore unusable in a 3rd-party app.