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    Yes, really it’s FreeDOS running Windows 386 Enhanced mode. For real.

    No, for protected.

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      Couldn’t resist, it’s not everyday one gets to make x86 jokes—unless you count its ISA.

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        unless you count its ISA

        PCI for life!

        (It’s funny on multiple levels.)

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      Anyone know why this took so long?

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        Some malicious features implemented by Microsoft?

        One of the claims was related to having modified Windows 3.1 so that it would not run on DR DOS 6.0 although there were no technical reasons for it not to work.

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          Don’t know. Looking at the patch so many things are stub/null but the hooks just weren’t there.

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          This has been a very long time nag, and thus good news.

          Further steps needed would be to get this cleaned up and merged, and to work on implementing whatever APIs so that there’s no need to use himem.sys/etc from msdos.

          Also, I understand 3.11 for workgroups still doesn’t work.