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    It currently has over 500 million users; it was acquired by Microsoft in December 2016 for $26.2 billion.

    To think that every time somebody signed up on LinkedIn, the person earned LinkedIn 52 buckaroos.

    Is this all it takes to make billions these days? Getting a few million people to put their data into your website.

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      LinkedIn’s users each spend/earn a lot more then $52 a year, anything with a reasonable chance at diverting some of that is worth something.

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        I think I created an account then never updated or used it. 52 dollars well spent.

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          I’ve seen companies offer a recruitment bonus of $10k per hire, and I’m pretty sure what they offer for internal referrals is substantially less than what they’d pay outside recruiters.

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          I deleted my Linkedin account when I discovered my details in Troy Hunts Have I Been Pawned database - and they hadn’t even bother to inform anyone they had been hacked…