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    Great update. However, I wish the heuristic they ranked repositories with relied more on your activity in the repo rather than its popularity. If I have a cool new project I’m working on I want to see that at the top of my list, not some project I’ve barely updated in the past month.

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      My guess is that github is trying to go in a direction of making github more useful for hiring, which is highly monetizable. If I am hiring, I am more interested in what other people think are your best projects, not in what you are working on currently. After I see that you are a contributor to lobsters and that you started $moderately_famous_project, I will be more interested in you. I agree that if I want to see what I or my friends are working on, the repositories tab is more useful. However, when checking someone out for the first time, I think that contributions is a useful tool.

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        Totally agree, as a recruitment tool these new profiles are fantastic. I was recently kicking around the idea of building myself a GitHub-powered resume page but I guess they’ve saved me the effort.

        I feel for repository discovery, the news feed does a much better job, being able to see what my friends have starred has lead me to so many cool repositories.