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After seeing so many classless css libraries pop up over the past few years I decided to make my own. Nothing too fancy with it but I like the style and will be using it on some other small projects and will update/refine it as needed.

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      This looks great. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been using PicoCSS recently and been loving it. I might give bolt a try as a drop in replacement and see what it looks like. I like bolts more compact/information dense default design.

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        I also have had success with PicoCSS! Have you also tried MVP.css? I have had luck with that one as well.

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        Thanks for sharing! PicoCSS looks a lot better than BoltCSS in my opinion.

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      For the record, this person is maintaining a list of classless css frameworks: https://github.com/dbohdan/classless-css

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      Added to mkws themes https://t.mkws.sh/bolt!

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      Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I will be working on an update to address many of the concerns pointed out.

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      This reminds me of Bootstrap Reboot, which Bootstrap itself uses: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.2/content/reboot

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      Nice! I’ve been using Classless but this looks like a really nice one to add to my repertoire!

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      What’s it licensed as? :D

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        I think MIT but a LICENSE file would be nice.

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        I don’t know much about licenses so if you have any suggested reading, im open to it. I did put MIT in the package.json but not because of any deep understanding of the differences. I would like it open as possible.

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          2 clause BSD or MIT seem to be the permissive licenses of choice, unless you’re a company in which case Apache 2. IANAL, I personally prefer copylefts but you do you.

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          I’m a fan of MPL-2.0 because it requires open sourcing changes (per file) but allows the file to be bundled/minified and to be hosted. It works very practically for front-end while not putting too much burden on the maintainer to merge in all commits right away–but like copyleft requires changes to open for others to read, learn from, and use.

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          I am a fan of MIT / BSD licenses.

          Bootstrap uses MIT fwiw

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      My experience with classless CSS libraries is that they work as long as what they do is all you need. A while ago I had to scrap Sakura.css because of its fixed body width assumption that made adding a side menu more annoying than writing my own CSS.

      This one looks less rigid in that regard, at a glance.

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      The button and the text fields miiiight look a bit too similar? I know you added a 1px box-shadow, but even knowing that I keep thinking its a trick of the eye or the screen. Or I don’t notice the shadow at all, until I look again because I know it’s there. All this on a screen with - I think - relatively low resolution / relatively big pixels.¹

      ¹ I think? 1368x768 px on 27.3x15.6 cm = 0.2mm per pixel, or 125 pixels per inch. I actually have no clue if that counts as big pixels / many ppi or small pixels / few ppi, in modern terms edit: in terms of the human eye, which is what counts.

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        Thanks for the feedback. Based on this and some of the other feedback I’m going to re-evaluate the form fields and probably the button

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          You’re welcome, and thanks for the reply.

          It’s a very nice general styling; if I ever have some HTML that I need a complete, drop-in, good-looking style sheet for, this is the one I’m going to grab. May you get much joy out of what you made!