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    (meta) What about the tags here? A “language” tag would have been nice.

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      Not really necessary. “Programming” pieces often talk about languages, language features, demo in language X, etc. Appreciate you submitting it as I find the revision interesting.

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      I’m glad they’re increasing complexity where they think it’s useful. That Wirth didn’t do enough was why his languages couldn’t get to their max potential. It’s why I liked Modula-3 for its nice balance of complexity & productivity. Extending M2 or subset of M3 w/ low-latency GC, optional borrow-checker, macros, and semantics supporting SPARK-like stuff later on would go long way. Great FFI support for C, too. Maybe C-like syntax for easier transition. No uppercase. I’m seeing pushing Modula-2 toward Julia & SPARK Ada while maintaining as much simplicity as possible.