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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Today is my last day at my current job and Monday is my first day at my new job, so I’m gonna relax.

      My kids and I are going to play Mice & Mystics and watch My Cousin Vinny.

      And I might grill burgers if the weather is nice.

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      Some finishing touches and bug-fixes for my latest round of updates to my retro 8-bit BBS-like system for the Sinclair Spectrum. The WASM-based web emulator is now running nicely, and I have the backend components and proxy service required (for tunneling the Spectranet’s UDP-based TNFS prototcol over websockets) containerised and running in my k8s cluster.

      I’ve actually managed to do much of my development on the project this week through the web browser, including finishing off the new Message Wall system in Sinclair BASIC. It’s great not needing to install and configure an emulator and I’m looking forward to opening up the TNFS site to the wider Internet.

      Other than that, some family time, parties and the usual challenges of keeping a 3-year old entertained and happy :)

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      Visiting the Chicago Art Institute today, then flying home to Colorado tomorrow.

      No plans other than that.

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      I’ll start developing my first mobile app using flutter.

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        What sort of app are you working on? How did you like working with flutter so far?

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      I’ve been having a really hard time getting over COVID. I’m just gonna take it easy. Perhaps hack a little bit on Cross-DSO CFI in HardenedBSD.

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      Getting ready to go to japan (2 weeks) on Tuesday! I had a trip planned just as the pandemic started, three weeks ago we found with my gf some very cheap tickets and so we are doing a very improvised trip, I’m very excited!

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        My dream as well. I am planning to go this April and the layoff news hit. But wth, we’ll be going anyway this year. Any tip for the planning as this is our first time to JP?

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          Sorry to hear that :(

          It’s our first time as well so I don’t have much experience but try to reserve things through https://www.japaneseguesthouses.com/ asap, it is a very slow experience (they have to call the ryokans and everything themselves). That way you can get very traditional houses in nice places (we were gonna do shirakawa-go and koyasan) but we were not in time as everything was already booked, so try to get your reservations as soon as possible.

          We’ve used AirBnB for everything, and we’ve bought the JP Rail pass which allows unlimited use of most trains for 14 days so we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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        Where are you going? I have a friend who lived out there for a while so was lucky enough to visit a couple of times, including for his wedding there. I highly recommend Kyoto, it was beautiful especially in spring when the trees blossom.

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          We are doing Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Nara -> Osaka -> Hakone -> Tokyo

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            Sweet, I went there pre-pandemic and did Tokyo, Kyoto and a day in Nara. I predict you’ll have a hard time fitting two more places into two weeks! Oh well, will just have to go back again sometime…

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              Yeah, we’ll be in a rush, and our first schedule was even more packed, we are doing 4 nights in tokyo, 3 in kyoto and osaka, and one in hakone and nara.

              But yeah, we’ll just go back again by the end of the year :P

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            Awesome. I’m jealous!

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      Working on my talk I’m giving at the local Go meetup on Tuesday, and also on my silverbullet plug for posting to micro.blog!

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      Trying to see whether Garnet’s type-checker actually works now, or whether I’m going to find some horrible edge-case that breaks it entirely.

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      Dog walking on the beach. Then I hope to do some music.

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      Re-starting my console-based logseq alternative that meets more of my needs as an engineering manager. Probably going to write it in Go using some https://charm.sh TUI tools rather than what I started with Rust.

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        I have this weird obsession with “note taking” software. Out of curiosity, what features are you planning that tune it to your needs?

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      Building a home-server/NAS that fits underneath my bed.

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        Put a thought or two into keeping dust out!

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        Make sure you put a creepy giggling .mp3 on a cron job with randomized intervals. It’ll impress anyone that happens to try your bed out.

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        What OS/software do you plan on using?

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          NixOS, probably. I just need to figure out how to use the thing.

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      Since thursday I’ve been hacking with the socialincome team in a lovely old building in the Swiss countryside to integrate our project (drand) into their universal basic income programme to randomly select people in Sierra Leone to receive UBI.
      Has been nice to work with some new people and understand their problem space, and also nice to work on something with a clear social good!

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      Despite the better part of one arm being in a cast, I am doing some skiing this weekend. And when the lines get long (e.g. now), I come inside and grab a bite to eat and do some work.

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      Updating my CV for summer internships.

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        I’ve already accepted an intern for this summer. You may or may not be behind companies in your area.

        All i was thinking was “really? Accepting in November for Summer?”

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          Hopefully not! I should have them away this week. I was thinking 5-6 months is enough but apparently not!

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      Celebrating Lunar New Year with extended family.

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      • VR socializing. Planning to attend my usual weekly gathering(s). This has been so essential for my mental health.
      • Tabletop gaming! Likely Root or Oath with new local friends.
      • Job hunt! Still employed but worried about burnout and other factors. Who’s hiring for a lead dev?
      • Been procrastinating on my Year Compass. I need to find the physical and mental space for that already as it’s overdue.
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      The school I work at is hosting a (student-led) hackathon at the end of January, and I volunteered to do a workshop introducing students to git and GitHub. I’ve been thinking about what I want to say for several weeks, but this weekend, I’ll gather my notes and put together a presentation. I often regret volunteering to do things, but this should be fun.

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      I’ve been picking at a project-oriented bash shell history module/plugin thing for a few years. It’s a scratch-my-own-itch kind of thing, so it’s public but I haven’t gotten around to releasing it.

      At some point I realized it had a core logistics layer that other plugins could use and extracted it into a separate project (https://github.com/abathur/shellswain), but other yak-shaves kept me from polishing it up for an initial release. Took some baby steps towards that over the fall and finally got the release cut this week.

      My history module is too hairy to serve as a good usage example, so I’m hoping to spend a little time dreaming up a few simple ~plausible examples, maybe write a short explanatory blog post, and try to savor the small dose of accomplishment. (But not too much of any of these; I doubt there’s a very big audience for it :)

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        Got it done, mostly. Took until last night to finish off the tail end of the post. https://lobste.rs/s/yihdpi/modular_bash_profile_scripting_with

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      Friend turned 30, so spending most of Saturday celebrating that, most likely in pubs.

      Loads of stuff to do for the rest of the weekend, so will likely watch a film with the kids and feel sorry for myself instead. Getting old and recovering from day drinking is terrible.

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      Spending some time adding new features to my search engine (https://ichi.do). Going to be adding a feature that lets the user search for sites with RSS feeds.

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        I really like the badges that show whether there is google tracking or other things on the site! Although, the radio button for removing top X websites didn’t seem to work for me - oops, I was doing it wrong

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          Thanks, glad you like it! Hoping to add more tags in the future.

          The page is actually one big HTML form that needs to be resubmitted for the filters to kick in, filtering is currently only done server side.

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      I’m giving Nim a shot. I’ve tried it a few times and I really liked it but never wrote a real program in it. Today I’m writing a small web scraper to get to know concurrency in Nim and HTTP client and HTML parsing capabilities.

      I’ve been looking for alternative web scraping language to Python and Javascript mostly to write some scrapers I could share more easily with less-technically inclined. I’ve tried Go last weekened and it was great though I feel like Nim would be even more fit for this.