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See UPDATING for a list of changes.


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    From UPDATING:

    The sidebar patch has been merged. Please watch for airborne bovine. See the documentation for all the options, or simply enable it with ‘set sidebar_visible’.

    Wow, who would’ve thought the sidebar would finally make it into core mutt? First PowerShell open sourced and now this - what other surprises await us today? :)

    PS: why will cows be flying?

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      Flying cows? Slow down there, we still have to get Tesla to produce solar powered roofs first. And that Jenkins UI really needs some improvements, too…

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          Wow, thank you! This looks really great.

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        Turns out that Debian has been shipping mutt with the sidebar patch for over eight years now. I did not know that!

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          It’s quite commonly available - pkgsrc, Homebrew and the OpenBSD ports tree also have it, amongst others (NeoMutt too). It’s annoying having it out-of-tree though as it’s something that’s quite frequently broken by a new Mutt release.

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        For anyone interested in actively maintained patches/various features, you may want to check out: http://www.neomutt.org/

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          Is maybe now a good time to move from gmail in my browser to mutt? I want to get all my data away from the big bads

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            Yes. No. Maybe. I’m not sure there’s a good time or a bad time

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              “It depends”. A CLI MUA is not for everyone but there are a plethora of others you can try (Thunderbird, Claws, Alpine, Wanderlust, Gnus, Mu4e…). You’ll need to find somewhere to host your mail, of course - some people seem to like Fastmail if you don’t want to do it yourself.

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              The only changes other than the sidebar patch are basically bugfixes. The sidebar is the major 1.7 feature. Thank you upstream for rejoining the mutt user community and adding this patch. It’s been a long wait.

              Despite the wait it’s still not built by default. You have to –enable-sidebar at compile-time. The headline feature of 1.7, which is “new” only in that upstream has refused to merge it for years, isn’t something you get unless you explicitly enable it.