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    I was only surprised by point 3.

    What is more, you will notice these quirks while programming which is a good time to notice quirks.

    Giving its aim to type real-world TypeScript, I think it is a very well designed language.

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      The content is good, but man, that website is rough. Just look at this: https://i.imgur.com/VM2c1d5.png - between the huge fixed header and the subscription notification, 65% of the screen is unusable on my iPad. Even after dismissing the notification box, only 2/3 of the screen is text.

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        Indeed. I disabled scripts for this website in umatrix and everything became fine at once. :)

        (well, firefox’ reader mode helps too)

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        Point 3 is a problem with type inference i think

        Object literals are not inferred by the strict string literal types, or numbers..

        If you make the variables with as const “typecasting” it should work.

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          Wonder what are the kinds of frontend applications where you need 100% sound type systems where typescript won’t be a good fit. Does anyone have any examples/experiences?

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            I really like structural type systems, it’s the purest way of polymorphism.

            But I never though how messy it looks when the language supports classes, because coming from C++ we’re used that inherence is used for polymorphism (and code reuse).