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    This document focuses on the “stage1” Zig compiler where the core is written in C++.

    Development focus has since shifted to the “stage2” compiler implemented entirely in Zig and this design has been considerably improved on. If you’re interested, this talk touches on the new, more optimal design patterns employed: https://media.handmade-seattle.com/practical-data-oriented-design/.

    Discussed on lobste.rs here: https://lobste.rs/s/vbiu6y/practical_guide_applying_data_oriented

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      It seems in the 3.X sections any link to source, *.cpp links, return 404s.

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        With the move to the self hosted (stage2) compiler, all cpp code has been moved to the src/stage1 directory. So add stage1/ before the file names in those links if you want to see those files